Retail Opportunities

At the heart of Downtown Las Vegas , Fremont Street Experience combines the historical aspects of Las Vegas with an unparalleled entertainment experience. Annually over 15 million visitors frequent the 4+ Acre Outdoor Mall and enjoy nightly light and sound spectacles on our 1400 ft long Canopy. We are continually looking for solid Retail Vendors and Products that have the ability to blend well with our unique environment, while offering our visitors products or services that enhance their overall experience.

     What is the cost of a Kiosk on FSE?
     The average cost is $2400 to $6000 per month based on mall

     Do you provide the Kiosk?
     In most cases we provide the kiosk. Depending on the type of
     business some vendors provide their own kiosk or display.

     How many kiosks/vendors are currently on the
     Fremont Street Experience?

     We have approximately 40 retail vendors on the mall. This varies bases on
     seasonal conditions and special event periods.

     What if anything is required to do business on FSE?
     A City of Las Vegas business license and $2,000,000.00 in general liability
     insurance is required.

     How long will I have to wait to see if my product is being considered?
     We usually contact you within 30 days by e-mail or phone to let you know
     if your product will be considered.

     Other Concerns and Comments:
     We do everything possible to avoid similar products on the mall.
     We have strict guidelines prohibiting solicitation on the mall,
     and discourage products that normally require verbal solicitation.

For more information about the Fremont Street Experience Retail Cart program, please email Sandra Ruiz, Director of Retail at or call her at 702-678-5720.

Contact info

Sandra Ruiz
Director of Leasing
425 Fremont Street
Suite 250
Las Vegas, NV 89101
(702) 678-5720